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Dead Reckoning Rum

Dead Reckoning HMS Antelope

Dead Reckoning HMS Antelope

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The HMS Antelope pays homage to ‘Navy Rum’ with a blend of 6 -year-old pot still Rum from Australia (in fact Australia’s oldest distillery), 5-7 year-old column still rum from Trinidad, 5 old pot still rum from Jamaica, 4-7year-old pot and column still Rum from Guyana plus to round it off 5 year-old pot and column still Rum from Barbados (Foursquare).
This rum was further aged for one year in Adelaide, South Australia under Australian dry agent conditions. 

55%, ABV, 700 mL

Nose: Banana-ey funk at first but then it’s more a banana custard with subsequent sniffs which shares the spotlight with sultana aromas. A tropical fruit presence is there also- with fresh fruit notes and floral hints.

Palate: Thick and rich and oh so creamy. Real Christmas pud spices and a bug dollop of home-made custard in this one but those tropical vibes from the nose don’t give up either! So much delightful fruity sweetness! There is a slight funkiness in the mouth, but very mild – and acts to tie in the rest of the flavours rather than sitting apart and dominating them.

Finish: Lovely and long and with a jumble of fruitiness, more cakey spices and a nice touch of mild pepper creeps around it as it fades.

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