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Dead Reckoning Rum

Dead Reckoning Australia Killik

Dead Reckoning Australia Killik

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Born in regional Victoria, Killik Handcrafted is a brand that’s rapidly gaining favour with Australian rum drinkers looking for something ‘a bit different’. Killik are one of the few (but growing) number of Australian distilleries that are exploring muck and dunder in their rum production.

The Killik custom distilled Dead  Reckoning is a un-aged pot still single retort. “High Ester” funky Rum , molasses based spirit that has been said to compare very favourably to those of similar styles from Jamaican legends Hampton and Worthy Park.

700 mL 55% ABV

Nose: On first sniff, there’s a real creamy note – almost like a caramel milkshake that’s gone warm. Almost immediately this changes to overripe fruit for a moment,  but then an underlying bubblegum note makes it’s presence known 

Palate: The palate is an incredibly complex whirlwind of flavours. The milky-bubblegum comes charging through, but is then cut in half by an almost fruit-tingle mouthfeel (almost like there’s some bicarb soda in there)

Finish: A deep rooty sweetness – almost sarsaparilla – quality about it.  There’s a peppery sensation that coasts the mouth as the flavour fades


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