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Dead Reckoning Rum

Dead Reckoning Australia 9 Year Bourbon Cask

Dead Reckoning Australia 9 Year Bourbon Cask

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Dead Reckoning Australia 9 Year Bourbon Cask is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rums. The rum is produced from locally sourced molasses and the fermentation period prior to distillation is between 24 and 72 hours. The rum has been aged as I mentioned already for 4 years in Tropical North Queensland and a further 5 years in the less tropical port of Amsterdam. It has been aged in ex-bourbon barrels (small white oak).

9 year old rum from the iconic Australian distillery . In a real twist of fate this rum was aged for 4 years in tropical North Queensland, Australia before being sold on to a European rum broker, where it has enjoyed a further 5 years of continental ageing. It was then picked up by Australian Justin Boseley to be bottled as part of his Dead Reckoning line up.

On the nose wafts of vanilla and oak spice. Some walnuts and peanut brittle. It is many ways very typical of an English Style of rum. Think of Foursquare or (non pun intended) English Harbour in particular.

SIpped, initially the rum is quite fiery with the molasses and oak spice taking centre stage. A few sips in and as the palate and throat acclimatise to the rum – we begin to get more of the softer bourbon influenced notes. So the suggested flavours from the nose begin to shine through. Vanilla, light caramel and peanuts all appear.

As we move into the mid palate I begin to get the molasses coming back along with a very nice hit of oak and spice. I’m also getting notes of corn flakes and I keep thinking about freshly buttered toast and golden syrup. There is a hint of smokiness.

The finish is dry but very long. The molasses and caramel notes stick around for a long time after the sip. As your mouth dries out the oak and spice come out to play again giving a very more-ish feel to this spirit.

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